Our Story

How it Started

Working in a senior role in manufacturing, I was looking for a simple solution to log and track maintenance work. We kept forgetting about peventative maintenance due to breakdowns and changing priorities. A typical scenario for many companies!

The market seemed to only offer complex and expensive solutions that were over the top for an SME with a small team. After failing to find a good solution, I set about building a simple application. The tool that emerged was fast, reliable and easy to follow. I could access this from the office, home or working abroad.

I have always been a fan of cloud software - I was running sites in 3 countries so access and mobility was a priority. When I was living in Dubai the idea to commercialise the product hit me. It would be ideal for so many other small companies like us and what we had built seemed to be getting the job done.

Smartspanner was created in 2014 and developed the inital tool as a cloud hosted platform, with SMEs in mind. It has never stopped growing since. We listen to our clients and learnt what features our market wanted in the software. This client based input drives the development of sofware with a focus on keeping it simple.

The business has grown from a few regional customers to having customers across 4 continents. Our customers are in many different industries ranging from small independent firms, up to large PLCs companies.

Keeping it Simple

Using Smartspanner is quick, easy and accessible on many platforms. As well being easy to use, simplicity ensures we don’t need to charge for training or support. Our 45 minute demo is enough training to start your CMMS implementation with Smartspanner.

Our software is a self-onboarding application. You can use our tutorial videos and our online demo to learn everything you need to know to run a muli-site deployment of Smartspanner for your business.

We believe simplicity is essential for success. If users get frustrated with the software, cant follow or understand it, then they will naturally avoid using it. The key to success for any CMMS software is getting as many people as needed to use it.

The price of our software is suitbale for SMEs, we are not the most advanced system. Our business model is to provide simple and effective software for a reasonble price without any additional charges for support.